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Ball pits are one of the most popular areas in indoor playgrounds. Both big kids and little kids enjoy them too! Therefore, the cleanliness of ball pits is extremely important.  Ball pool hygiene (or lack of it) is understandibly one of the biggest concerns for parents.  Fluid offer daily cleaning and deep cleans for ball pit facilities with our special ball cleaning machines.

Fluid Hygiene Ball Pit  Cleaning


Clean ball pits are good for your customers and good for you. The public expect clean play facilities at all times. With daily cleaning and deep cleans you can reduce the likelihood of e-coli breakouts and other forms of bacteria which have been found in play areas.  Great operators insist on good regular cleaning.

We provide a comprehensive ball pit cleaning service, tailored to your needs. Our ball pit cleaning teams can draw up bespoke plans for each individual client, addressing every area of ball pit facility cleaning in an efficient and thorough manner according to our tried and tested leisure centre cleaning procedures. Read more here > Leisure Cleaning


Our ball pit cleaning program is developed to suit the challenges presented by each site and cover many crucial aspects of cleanliness and hygiene. We offer a range of sanitisation services to ensure a safe play environment. Whether you need a comprehensive one-off clean for your ball pit facility, or are looking for our recommended daily cleaning services, we can draw up a ball pond cleaning plan to suit your budget.



Scheduling planned maintenance or deep cleaning in advance means you save time and money. Once you book your first clean we will recommend a time-scale for your next clean. Find out more about our Planned Maintenance service.


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Great operators insist on regular cleaning, it seems a lot don't and there are a lot of horrible stories coming out. But we insist on deep cleans on a regular basis due to the risk of potential germs.

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