Our People: Investing in Excellence

Fluid Hygiene is committed to ongoing training and development for all our employees.  We see our front line staff as members of both the Fluid team and your team, and we are proud of the fact that we have a very low staff turnover rate compared to the industry standard. 

We know that by investing in our people, we can deliver the highest levels of service available whilst keeping our resourcing and recruitment costs down. All of our staff go through a detailed training program at our own training school so that they are familiar with particular industry challenges in addition to relevant health and safety legislation.

We encourage our supervisors to work closely with their frontline contract cleaning teams to keep lines of communication open at all times. This, along with our 24-hour helpdesk facility, helps us to keep you as fully informed as possible, which is the key to creating a strong and lasting working relationship.

Renata Owsiany: 1981 - 2018 | Obituary

Renata joined Fluid as an enthusiastic Contracts Manager in early Sept 2014.

She made an instant impression; on her staff and with the customer. A gentle, reassuring and genuinely disarming disposition propelled Renata onto the progressive path of her managerial career. This wasn’t to say that she was soft: not a bit. Renata was firm when needed, always strong and sure.

She was forging a real reputation as an accomplished operator; widely regarded by her peers and bosses, loved by her staff and respected by the customer.

Renata’s career continued to flourish and as the business enjoyed a sustained period of growth, opportunities were becoming available to the better performers within Fluid. Her performance and potential was not going unnoticed by her manager, Mariusz Drab, and in time she was being primed for a Regional Managers position.

However, in early 2017, she was delivered the crushing news that she had cancer. Renata, forever the brave battler, was having none of it and decided the chemotherapy she was about to engage with, needed a large chunk of will power also. In the autumn of 2017, Renata was definitely winning her battle and with a view to returning to work, she met with her bosses to discuss options. All was agreed and in the new year, the new, refreshed, clear of cancer Renata would return as Regional Manager.

But only two months in and the stress was beginning to show. Or so we thought. As it was clearly more than stress. After resigning her position, she entered hospital days later. It was confirmed on Thursday 15th March that she had lost her battle…and, tragically, her life.

Renata was with us long enough to have made a huge impression. She will live long in the memory of colleagues, peers, staff and customers alike.

Her smile and presence will be greatly missed by us all.

Renata is survived by her partner, Robert, and her two children.

The company will honour Renata’s memory in numerous ways with one important one being the renaming the Directors award. This will become The Renata Owsiany Award for Spirit & Endeavour, which will be one the companies most prestigious awards at the annual end of year awards (each Dec).